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We have 2 Delta 9 THC mint options available. The cherry mints are infused with 5mg of CBD & 2.5mg of THC. While our peppermint mints are infused with 20mg of CBD and 2mg of THC. Making for a blended ratio of cannabinoids in one edible.

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Our THC Mints

Eat or Dissolve?
When you let a THC mint dissolve in your mouth, it will break down and absorb through the salivary glands and bypass the digestive tract. You can certainly eat them too, but it will take a little bit longer for the effects to take place.

What Dose?
We suggest one mint to start if you do not have THC tolerance. However, if you do have a tolerance, then try two. Everyone is different.

Take Them Anywhere
Whenever you need a mint, you got it. Our pack of 10 mints slides into any pocket. No excessively large packaging here. The discreet way to THC.


Our THC edible mints were developed to be a carrier of functional ingredients. We produce both delta 8 edibles and delta 9 edibles. Our mints are unique to us! We developed a product that not only tastes great, but gets you the hemp derived THC  extract you seek in a delicious edible mint. We offer many flavors to choose from and of course the choice of hemp extract you seek. Not only are our THC mint packs easy to take anywhere on the go, but its one of the most discreet and tasty ways to consume delta 8 or delta 9. Our THC infused mints are made with Non-GMO, All Natural ingredients, and are always Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Soy Free.

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WHY THC Mints?

Infused THC and CBD
We infuse hemp extracted cannabinoids like THC and CBD at the center core of our mints.

Cold Rolled Dough
In our infusion process we use a small batch process that insures maximum quality in each mint. We infuse our dough, roll it out and individually cut each mint.

Pan Coated Protection & Taste
We pan coat our mints to give a protective coating as well as to increase the taste of each mint insuring a better taste than other mints..

All Other Mints

  • Tasteless powdery tablet
  • Made with flow agents like magnesium stearate which actually delay the use of active ingredients
  • No protective coating, active ingredients are exposed to light and heat causing deterioration.

Quality Comes First

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Customer Reviews

Over 15,000 customers love our edibles!

1 mint is calming. 2 is my perfect dose.


Much better tasting THC edible! Great job!


I have had a couple of other flavors of your Delta 8 mints. I love the cinnamon ones.